The Last Samurai: New Directions reissue

June 8, 2016 Comments Off on The Last Samurai: New Directions reissue

New Directions officially reissued The Last Samurai on May 31, 2016.  Astute readers will notice that this website does not properly reflect the new state of affairs: the pages relating to The Last Samurai refer to the Miramax edition.  Both Cyberduck and Filezilla have failed to let me connect to my webhost and upload a new page; no doubt this will be fixed in time.

Meanwhile, information about the new edition is available on the ND website, here.

And here, 7 booksellers talk on LitHub about 7 ways to handsell a lost modern masterpiece. No, NOT the book of the film starring Tom Cruise: the image is a test to see if you’re paying attention.  They offer 7 perspectives on The Last Samurai (the book which has nothing to do with Tom Cruise, but has a certain amount to say about Tall Men in Tight Jeans and the Tyrone Power school of acting).


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